Saturday, March 19, 2005

i spent the entire morning playing splinter cell, even skipping one class which i predicted to be incredibly useless because last week, the tutor spent half and hour explaining the roles of a producer and the different documents we require and left us there for the remainder of the two hour tute to type up our own documents. yeahh, i figured sneaking around hostile georgian territories, spooking around as a one-man intelligence gathering marauder in a fictional war much better time spent than twiddling my thumbs at the hippie of all hippie universities.

so yeah, i don't think i even step foot out of my house today, sucha geek filled friday. which i think is one of the 'lil beauties of singledom. that funny bit about commitment. still, having someone share your life couldn't possibly be the worse thing on earth could it? still, there's splinter cell, and a world to save.

anyhows, this thought was brought up at cell tonight. where we talked about our current priorities and concerns versus God's priorities for us in our lives. and if suddenly we were given the resources, which one of those would we actually do first? i guess its a real challenge once again as to our own mentality and the kingdom mentality. i know i'd have chosen my own priorities over God's, because well, that is how much certain things have been weighing on my mind. where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. matthew 6v21. yeahh.. so easy to talk, much more different to actually put it into action.

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