Wednesday, March 9, 2005

wednesday morning call
we strive for reality, we struggle to have fiction rule our reality. we want something to numb the pain, to make us believe that in the end everything is harmless. that the hurt we feel today, this condition we're in will one day give way to our darkest phantasy. we blur the lines of reality in our little worlds, approaching it as if we could reset, as if this is mine and that is yours, wot comes in between is all subjective.

wot if i were to tell you that the stage is real, and for all our dreams and visions, playing them out over and over, we never always made the right decisions, and they will have their consequences. for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. that not everything is harmless, that it bears consequence. but yet, in the end, everything is harmless. at the end, when its either left right up or down. if the end is heaven or hell, wot would matter now on planet earth? if the end is just the end, doesn't that just scare you somewhat?

for those of us who can't grapple with this 'weakness', are we just taking religious drugs to numb the pain, to numb the cravings? that if life were really that meaningless without heaven and hell, wot would this life amount for? wot would helping those around us amount to if all they shared was the same fate as us. are we stronger if we 'get past' and 'out-wit' religious opiates.

or were we created with a stronger sense of eternity than we'd like to admit? that those pangs were actually meant to be satisfied.

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