Thursday, March 3, 2005

the silence is killing me
well, actually there isn't any silence.. but it's one of those silly things you say when you feel like dying. and no, i don't feel like dying, it's one of those silly things you say when you're bored. but no, i'm not bored either, i could be, but i'm not. finally got the broadband up and running, just a few more steps and we could be having a wired/wireless connection in the house. i think it's been a long awaited treat, more the six months without flying internet, sometimes we don't know how we survive but we do. the power of the human resolve. or perhaps time just doesn't wait for any of us, broadband or not. the world just won't wait for us, kinda shows how significant we are huh?

still, it's nice to be needed somehow y'know? i'm glad to be in the free spirited joy of downloading music off pitchfork. its a snooty sorta resource page where you can brag to your friends about all the unknown indie bands you know. although it can be argued how cool is it to be unknown? again, arguable. anyhows, may i firmly recoomend Husky Rescue's City Lights? got me on the first listen, old school electronica. see, that's some of the perks of knowing your shite, you can name drop douches like that. enjoy pathetic denizens! (i am better than you!!!)

that was fun. *grin*

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