Thursday, June 9, 2005

baba's brief brush with the law
my thoughts after last night's gig are varied. but then again, they usually always are. it was alright for me only, we tried out the new look with shirts and waistcoats. pretty hillarious, i've never worn anything out of character before actually i think. well, except for speedos last time perhaps. *soz for putting that thought on you* anyhows, for some reason, i just wasn't feeling the vibe. it was a gig, but i just wasn't catching it. the people that were there were all the 'off-center-ish' looking sorta people. everyone's unique in the same way. kinda like you go to far east plaza or zouk, and almost everyone has that same look or vibe. not that its a good or bad thing, more so was that it affected me in that i just felt so watered down. in some sense, the need to impress got the better of me, and as such you can't convey that honesty across the stage?

so there i was, having to wonder if they thought our music was any good, but in the end i just didn't have fun rocking up and doing things recklessly. sometimes when you see people behaving off-center onstage, you can kind of sense whether they're faking it or really feeling it. but then again, while i think we played a pretty flaccid set compared to the rest of the bands, i wonder if people judge us on our image because for some reason we were just standing there. all in all, i just kind of blame myself for not being honest about the performance amongst a whole host of other things.

got much respect for bands like insidium who really personified wot i hoped to convey thru our performance. well, i guess like most experiments you gotta keep doing it again until you get it right.

and so yesterday rounded off really strangely when as i was driving home, i stumbled into a road block not knowing it was one. basically there was still space for a car to go through and no one was stopping me. only when i realised my error and tried driving out of the roadblock that a copper starts shouting at me, almost scolding me asking me if i knew wot i had done. obviously i was quite blur, and man was i terrified to have pissed a copper off. didn't even know why.

so well, he was pretty mean at first acting all tough, and i was like.. oh man.. he's gonna do me in, checking for safety standards on my car and all. i was praying pretty much, that God would grant me favour with the authorities and all, because i never sought to disobey anything, just stumbled upon it.

anyhow, the guy lightened up after awhile, and was telling me all these minute details about my car that i would have to get changed for a compliance check before the 22nd of this month. well, i'm just glad things didn't escalate into something harsh. in some sense after he stopped me, he was just doing his job (why he didnt do his job and stopped me before or make the barrier more visible *shrug*) he said he let me off without and infringement of the road block and i believe him, because he could have done that, that is afterall wot i did. and he didn't give me a breathalyser, plus my liscence expires today! hahaha, all safe. i probably would have passed the breathalyser, only had two beers and waited an hour before driving off, but you can never be too shure with these things.

soo man, i've been accosted, and now i've had a brush with the law. should just settle down here! hahaha.

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