Tuesday, June 7, 2005

trawling the streets of wot's left
strangely, i've been sleeping really early of late. and waking up really early as well. if i fall asleep at 1130, i'll get up at 0630. and i can't go back to bed. the effects of feeling older than you are perhaps. so wot's the deal? i don't know. i kind of want to hurry back to spore to see wot it has to offer me. the story of my life now seems to be that there's some imminent date of expiary where if i don't get things sorted out by then, everything i know will du ba boom. and i don't particularly enjoy living with that sorta anxiety. life should be cruise control as far as i'm concerned, but then again.. there it goes. gotta grow up to tackle the responsibilities and consequences of your life.

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