Wednesday, June 29, 2005

we'll collect our lives on dinner plates
well, here i am again, post-camp. i guess the word "post-camp" is on everybodys' lips, simply because it was such a great impact. but the reality of it is that our lives go on in the world we live in. the world we are familiar with. out of the little bubble we arrive, collecting our lives back from the counter.

still, i can't help but feel a difference in the air. something different in the way we breathe, this world we are just passing thru. was just talking to yh and how transient this moving back and forth from different places is. its strange, all these different experiences, all under the same watchful eye of the sun. how insignificantly we plod along with our daily lives. would an impact in our lives really mean a trickle in the ocean?

but yeah, camp was really good. can't help but praise God for it all. it was truely amazing, and even that would be an understatement. if you see me in real life, i'll tell you about it. but i think we shall leave this blog with just that note -)

i'm going back to spore this saturday, it feels so strange, so sudden. dunno wot i'll do. guess more jamming is on the way -) been talking to thom about some improvised idea. could could work. we'll see you soon.

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