Sunday, June 19, 2005

yelping dogs in the gutter
wow, havent updated in awhile. too fast the days have gone by, just this saturday i got up at 930 and everything hasn't ended until now. band practice and camp committee meeting took up the bulk of the day, and just buying nasi lemak this morning took up the time. well, it's nice to have your days planned out like that, but it doesn't leave you much time for yourself. but still i'm thankful. lately as i've been surfing thru blogs and profiles, spying on different individuals, i'm just thinking how easy beautiful people just get away with everything. people rarely second guess them because their popular opinion is sacred, and there is power in numbers. it would be folly to be the lonely goth against popular chirps. if somehow or another, social status is important to you. well, i suppose most of us have fallen into that trap before, we all want to be beautiful, even in our destruction, we stylise so much of it.

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