Sunday, June 12, 2005

serpantine thoughts
i think when you feel a need to take a break from christianity, is when you've been running on your own strength instead of God's.

however, i guess it's realising it all sometimes. i defintely feel that way sometimes, that after a prolonged church-going life, sometimes i miss out on the activities this world has to offer. and when my carnal nature takes over, that's when the thoughts creep in, that i can take a break for one second, one minute, one hour, one day, one month, one year, one lifetime.

the thing is, we as Christians never ever do take a break, because we're not working out of character, but rather working from character. which is why i say, running on your own strength. once you start running on your own salvation, you start dictating when you've had enough, when you've earned yourself a fair go. but we've been bought at a price of someone else's life, so who stakes the claim to the value over our heads now?

so i guess we do try, by george do we try. but try as we might, we can never save ourselves -) its a pleasant thought, that salvation is free.

and when we start getting tired, we know that he is our peace, our joy, that his yoke is light for he is gracious and humble.

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