Sunday, June 19, 2005

sun shining down
peivn had to bring arielle to church today. if you don't know her, she's the little girl that peivn babysits. peivn is also my housemate. ah well, so we borrowed arielle's dad's car, which is a mazda 323, but its an auto! and after driving my car for over a year now, with sticky transmissions, an auto car is really a luxury. it makes me joyous and smiley -) also, arielle is very cute.. and if that doesn't make you paternal. well, mebbe its just me. haha.. though i doubt i'll be settling down anytime soon. but it was just a thought, having a family and all. will i meet someone that would inspire me so to really start a family with her? a part and parcel of life perhaps, and a slice of the cake we must.

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