Thursday, March 9, 2006

sometimes blog titles are birthed from mis-reading certain words. in this case, i suppose that's how it happened. not that it's particularly important, but don't you just love a bit of an explaination as to how things occur? well, depends on how curious and inquisitive a mind you have i suppose. but i suppose it doesn't really matter all the time either.

things in the real world seem to be holding up pretty well. i suppose the quitting of mayfled has really allowed more room and focus in other directions. i'm hoping that i'll be able to work on the current list of demo songs which they have now and just record them as a sort of a memory as well as a resource for them because playing in a band here has really been a big part of my perth experience. i'm just glad i'm not on this obligation thing now, because i generally suck at obligations. geee.. am i afraid of commitment then..? hahaha.. questions i'd rather not ask now. -)

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