Tuesday, March 14, 2006

turning the tide
i will admit, my brain's going a little numb (dumb) lately. i can't find much to comment on, or rather aren't to bothered to comment on anything. or perhaps there's nothing new to say, i suppose i'm in just one of those modes right now where everything seems to be passing me by. probably because i'm just drifting along, no real aim in mind for now. kinda sad really, i wonder if non-activity does that to you. i did however watch the first eighteen chapters to cowboy bebop and that did inspire me a tad. was very blown away by their soundtrack and the use of noir-ish detective and western elements to produce a futuristic bounty-hunter anime. haha, they've got references from all over the place it really is a fun thing to watch. i suppose animation always inspires me, because it's illustrations that seem to take life. in-animate objects and ideas just somehow come out more alive when they trick your eye into real movement. of course we know that its about as real as a documentary being true.

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