Thursday, March 30, 2006

let me tell you about life without broadband
it's more manageable. it also means more time spent playing inane games like kirby's dream land 3. so it's pretty much a toss up between time well spent and time wasted. i do hope for posterity's sake that the two factors cancel each other out. and i learnt a new catchphrase, to describe how when you second guess someone too much and yout think he's telling the truth when he's lying, but because you know his pattern so well, then you suspect in the end he's telling the truth. anyway, it's called double faulting. courtesy of jamie oliver.

also got three new books out from the library. it's funny, i borrow all these books but i just don't take the time to read them all. frankly, it's quite silly, but hey, who's judging? anyway, it creates a false sense of intellectuality, if that's even a word. but you get my drift, i do feel somewhat smarter just borrowing books out. and you kind of imagine the geeky but attractive librarian swooning over your book choices. a girl in glasses is really quite something.

less time on the internet also means more time following dramas on the tv. and i must say, instead of talking to faceless people online (even if i knew you, you're still faceless now), it's much more comforting to have actors perform for you. like going to the circus really! being broadbandless just sucks when you wanna download certain videos but it just won't happen. bugger.

and so, more boring crap regurgitated. blogging is hard to be spontaneous when you come online at a designated time, and you have to dial in, and wait and blablabla, basically you lose your train of thought, and you get long entries like this which i believe nobody really likes to read unless you're a fanboy or you really like my life more than i do. well, i don't hate my life, or find it boring. i'm just avoiding doing my work, and that kind of puts me on an edge. bugger.

maybe blogger should be known as bugger. i don't know, someone's just putting words in my mouth. i miss my guitar and my pedals!!! i need to create some noise or i will go quite insane.

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