Tuesday, March 7, 2006

last ditch attempts
well, i've finally signed up for a broadband account, but it'll be a few days before my house is finally connected to the internet. the thing is , do i really want to be connected? frankly, these past few weeks, i've survived pretty well without the constant use of web technology. i've read, and i've watched movies, watched a bit more TV and defintely have found a better use for my time. you see, the internet tends to paralyze me, and it's a comfortable and convenient distraction, bad when you should not be distracted from work and play. hopefully my gulf from the web will last, and i won't use this technology as a sort of emotional crutch, or personality crutch as i did last year. having the net is definitely a plus though, the information and the connectivity that flows almost endlessly from it. but ohhh.. the sense of connection when i spend 4 hours talking to anyone online, it's a vice i must say.. one that hopefully will be kicked this year. i'm really trying to do something different for my production modules this year, but it's pretty hard coming up with something integral to yourself as an artiste, and also cutting edge enough or different enough to well.. make a difference.

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