Saturday, March 11, 2006

where for art thou?
hurrrahhh!!! nobody says that anymore, so perhaps i shall start. sometimes you wonder when you see so many people around you depressed about something, or something's bothering them, and then we become cold, or apathetic because it's so much easier to not feel, just whether the joy you've found in the Lord is something too fluffy to comprehend. but quite the contrary really, Christians aren't some sort of naive simplistic people who just live in a fairy land where we are oblivious to the hurt that we go thru. i think the christian faith is just as grounded in the struggles as everyone in this world goes thru. we have the same urges to divorce, get angry, murder our young, fornicate with minors (hypothetically) and all of these carnal desires that dare i say which should be beneath us. but we are humans, with equal struggles, the fundamental difference is salvation. we are not better, and neither are we worse.

the difference however, is holiness, righteousness, gifts from accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. such attributes seperate us from the sin which this world has to offer, and we are no longer a part of it. physically we are still on this plane, but in a different aspect of our lives, our spiritual salvation is secure and no one can take it away from us. this spiritual health affects and influences our emotion, mental and physical well-being. it allows us to see things in a different way, perhaps hope in a higher power, and not just hope, but victory in a God above all other gods, the one true creator of this universe and beyond.

and beyond. and should i now tell you where all things lead?

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