Monday, March 20, 2006

uncog arthritic tendons
wheeeeeeeee.. a week long break. see, that's what i like about murdoch, it's thirteen weeks of university with a week break every four weeks. that's like doing basic with block leave every month. it really takes the pressure off if you have a lot on your plate. which i guess i do. such fun. heh~ still no internet connection at home.. it really is an inconvenience, but i suppose now i do have an excuse to come to university and do my readings and prepare for my essays. i just met my band the other day, and they're really tempting me with some of their new songs. i've always liked playing with them, but alas i can't commit to it anymore. yet, i find myself playing for them again? hahaha -) well, hopefully we'll record an album's worth of music and then actually just have it cut. it'll be my little university sourviner. also, beth orton and sigur ros are both coming to perth. that's gonna set me back 140 if i go for both! but they're such great gigs.. oh well, time to plan that budget again -) in other news, i don't suppose this online existence is sorely missed, there are always other uses of time.

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