Saturday, April 1, 2006

where everything is a lie
today is april fool's day. someone has yet to play a prank on me. not that many people have, but.. y'know, just for festivities sake? i should really be careful what i type for. hurmmmm.

yesterday at our church's corporate prayer meeting, as i responded to how God was dealing with me. as i extended those hands in surrender, i could just feel the spirit within my fingers uncurl the hold that they had on various unseen things in my life. perhaps striking was the holding on to my religion as well. i think, even though, that while we are all saved and rescued by the blood of the lamb, sometimes when we're not careful, we just hold on unseemingly to a lie that we can, or are also actually supposed to save our lives through good works, good behaviour, or in the christian context, doing the church.

now all this is below the concious level, for me, perhaps it was that God was teaching me the total and complete surrender of such misgivings. and with surrender comes the teaching of faith, as well as the knowledge of his ways and reasons.

we're somewhat like containers, and God can't put more of his annointing in us as vessels if we are only holding on to the old thoughts of the old flesh.

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