Tuesday, April 11, 2006

juice machine
i'd like to own a juice machine once in my life and drink fresh fruit juice in the morning or perhaps after dinner. i have grand visions of it being one of those cool retro-60s styled silver ones with matte black or pastel blue trimmings. i would make apple, orange and carrot juice for its delicate balance between sweets and vitamins and a source of keratin. this also allows me to not cook my fuits and vegetables, allowing a tasty treat in the blink of an eye. yes, i will get one of those juicers that are as easy to wash as they are to juice your end hand by plunging it into the juicing hole thingamebob. juice comes out!

also, my trust 80gig pocketdrive has decided to clunk out on me, meaning quite possibly i've lost my 22++ gigs worth of music. but after panicking for an hour, i'm quite at peace with the loss. i'm actually quite looking forward to putting a brand new collection together. i always knew this day would come, but it still gave me a stirring in my pants. anyhow, the flow of such things is temporal, we can't always have it forever, such is the lesson of life. and so, with each loss comes new gain.

i watched sigur ros on sunday and it was a very mind-blowing experience. they opened their set with a gigantic cloth covering the front of the stage. from behind, lights flashed in succession and from behind sillhouetes burst onto the white screen at different intervals, larger than life, in different positions. it was such an extravagant play of light coupled with their majestic music and wonderously beautiful noise, i wonder if this is what it feels like to look into the eyes of a loved one.

our easter production is really taking shape as well, and i'm really excited to see it lifted off the ground. and i also can't wait to see how God is going to show up. i'm really tired right now, physically, but i hope my soul isn't shorted out as well, just need something to sustain me thru this week.

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