Wednesday, April 12, 2006

pacifist bedwetters
oh hello. is it disturbing to walk around uni minding your own buisness and have this phrase creep itself into your thoughts?

anyway, i've been having this thought in my head lately. it's a rather random thought that just planted itself into me but i can feel it growing, or so i imagine. basically, i'm just slightly torn up wondering what my life would be like if i didnt have a concience like that of a christian. basically, i guess what i'm trying to say is that, i'd have been a lot more self-serving the past few years, and i could have had everything my flesh desired if i did not follow the path God had set before me.

it's a tought call, because aren't i supposed to be over this phase of my old self? or is it always the case that every once in awhile, something resurfaces so that you have to deal with? i suppose that's the case, we're saved all at once back when we first accepted Jesus, but is that when we are made perfect, or does it take as long as it takes till we meet him?

anyway, just as i typed all that out, i believe the holy spirit reminded me that even if i gained the entire world, what would it mean if i forfieted my soul? i'm thankful for the reminder, it puts things into perspective. it's a line we walk, sometimes its wide and clear, sometimes its thin and not really there. but i suppose its how closes we walk to it that determines just how well we see that line.

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