Thursday, April 13, 2006

River Of Words

River Of Words

a fine snap by folkstar.

i've been editing since twelve this afternoon. its funny how i don't have that stamina for writing essays, but putting images together, wow.. i could go abit more. my eyes are tired, but i like a tad how things are turning out. wish i could spend more time on it though, correcting the feel of it all, but its due for easter production tomorrow already. time to trust God with it.

i'm really psyched that i finally found the name of the song which concave scream played at last year's baybeats. it's called Horizons and its the title track on their new album. wonderfully ethereal, i almost believe everything he's singing about.

it's been a long time
it's been a long time coming
held my breath too long
got to get back to the surface

rain rain go away
bring back the sun

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