Saturday, April 8, 2006

shadows and light
ohhh... i haven't been you for awhile, but don't worry, i'm still very much alive. just in uni now to dump some footage which isn't really going so well. gahh, technology and me. in other news, there are some updates on emo rangers, so for a good laugh head on down there.

i'm really maxed out with my workload and doing video for my easter production, but yes, i am skiving by coming online and sending a message to all of you. i haven't been online much, and this feels like my one and only outlet to a world outside of perth.

i've been bad today, was feeling very nochalant driving to school because of the immense day ahead, and when i wanted to change lanes and signalled, the car on my right lane didn't wanna slow down, and he didn't seem like he was accelerating much either. anyway, against my better judgement i just heck cared him and took his lane because my turn was coming up. anyhow, that earned me a universal greeting, some profanities which i couldn't hear over my nochalant loud music and possibly 10,000 points in the "asians can't drive in australia vs. people who think asians can't drive but in reality they are the ones who drive like crap" world championships. who's keeping score?

anyhow, i really feel terrible, like an emo ranger i just wanna crrrrryyyyyyy my enemies away. bugger, just feel like a bad driver, or that someday those clowns will lynch my car or me. well, thank goodness western australia is a massive place. hopefully they're from geraldton or bunbury and here on a road trip, so i'll probably never have to see them again. with my luck, they're probably my neighbours or something.

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