Thursday, April 27, 2006

art attack
what is art these days? i find myself staring at this question now because it's such a fluid and abstract question. so many mediums to think of, so many ways to express oneself. visually, aurally, sensually.. when one looks at my blogs and sees the purple background, the letters which form words and in a certain order form sentences and through semiotics we derive meaning from language, is this a piece of art? is this an important piece of art? i think the blog is transient, and despite all the steps i've taken to personalise it, one fine day the blogging server will crash and all will be lost. an d i will not shed a tear because what was created was always made to deconstruct. or at least in our flawed world, it can't be built to last. but that's just a nihilistic side of me talking. my spirit soars because it believes in the afterlife, of the infiniteness of a heaven far beyond our imagination of good. whatever it can be, it'll be better. how could we comprehend the immenseness of never ever having a ceiling?

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