Saturday, April 29, 2006

doing my bid as an informed citizen
as part of my political critque of the upcoming singapore general elections, i would like to offer my findings as to why the people's action party has been in power for so many years.

has anyone looked at their logo recently?

smite me oh mighter smiter!

i'm certain (not just fairly certain), that the lightning bolt symbolises the "wrath of god" complex that makes up an authoritarian politician. whenever i look at this symbol at the polling booths, i shall be reminded of just who i should vote for. less i be smited by the powers that be.

the worker's party has also tried jumping on the bandwagon. being the most succesful opposition party ever to contest in our general elections, it is no wonder that such success should be attributed to their symbol:

in theory, this should hurt

a hammer.

it's proven effective to the point that citizens would rather not be smited by a lightning bolt, than a casual bludgeoning on the skull with a flat-head hammer.

now if mindef ran for parliment, you know where my vote would go. the well oiled machine will spit paper bullets in the face of masak masak pencil pushing politics! brute force never harmed anyone.

a lion and tiger as friends! now isn't that a sign of getting-alongness?

plus they have a fairly harmless looking logo.

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