Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Cure Singapore Indoor Stadium 1st August 2007

I'm at the fucken Cure concert! -slits wrists-


vantan said...

I'm so envious! How was the concert??

Cool Insider said...

Love the Cure. Nice blog and thanks for popping by too.

litford said...

vantan : wheeee~! concert was good, they didn't play enough stuff from disintegration, and were sorely lacking their keyboard player!!! What's the Cure without synths??

but it was all worth it for the encore, when they did stuff from Three Imaginary Boys and Boys Don't Cry.

That made it worth $70.. but a $118.. still waayyyy too overpriced.

cool insider : hahaha, yep! thanks for stopping by too! i actually found your blog quite randomly, but i'm glad i did! Thanks for coming by too, hope you find something you like -)