Friday, August 3, 2007

Mercury Rev live @ Esplanade 2nd August 2007

The set:
1. That Funny Bird
2. You're My Queen
3. Lorelai
4. Tonight It Shows
5. Tides Of The Moon
6. New Song - Snowflake?
7. Holes
8. Opus 40 into That Funny Bird (coda)
9. You Gotta Serve Somebody (Dylan)
10. The Dark Is Rising
11. New Song 2 - So Powerless?
12. Diamonds

1. Goddess On A Highway
2. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp

if anybody knows what the two new songs are, feel free to let me know -) and if you have a review of the gig, by all means, link it back here, i'll be doing mine later in the day. but in essence, it was an awesome gig, they played a lot of my favourite songs, the visuals were quite spectacular and the band was full on! plus, i got my spiffy notebook signed on! woooooooot!

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