Monday, August 13, 2007

you say blog, i say soul narrative

in continuation with our current series about brian finding his place again in the blogosphere, i now present in more tangible terms what blogging means to me.

it's a form of narrative for us life-bloggers who blog for cathartic purposes, maybe i'll term it soul-casting or my soul narrative. it won't allow you to read my mind, but at least i'm able to put down in words the things festering in my brain, and my heart-condition. in words that only mean something to you, and not for anyone else.

it's a flawed way of communication, which is a bit of the anti-thesis to blogging, or someone who works in the communications industry. but it keeps me sane, and also proud of the fact that i exist somewhere in the vast universe of the internet.

i'm not saying you'll know me after reading this blog, but you might understand me a little better, what i'm about, what makes me tick, and then hopefully you can start peddling me your wares and i'll consume like the consumer i am. if this voice is not relevant to you or doesn't mean anything to you, then i believe i've done my job, because i've been able to take something intrinsic and unquantifiable, and put it up for all to see on the web, and by speaking, i assert my right to live, or rather my right to blog.

so you say blog, but i say soul naratting, who knows if it'll become a trend or not, but i'm exorcising the demons in my head that say i need to speak the voice of our status quo to be popular. no, we don't have to be popular, we just have to be relevant to the ones that matter, even if your captive audience is yourself.


ian said...

what makes u tick? music with no bass lines!

brian koh said...

ian : that is true..

Priscilla Tan said...

Interesting thoughts...

The best audience to our blog is indeed ourselves.

brian koh said...

priscilla tan : i think its all we can fall back on when one day, there is no more audience, no one reading anymore. we blog because we still have a voice. -)