Wednesday, August 29, 2007

you'll find love if love is looking for you

so many times we long to feel embraced, cared for, validated. in fact, we fill our hearts with love poured upon us by external forces, to if i might be so bold as to say, we fill our hearts with the adoration heaped upon by others to fill that gaping wound inside of us.

this sort of love is selfish and self-fulfilling and when the other party stops that flow, our hearts are hungry once again.

in essence, we are in a continual state of need which has led to our mass consumption, of whatever cheaper alternatives we can find to fill the void.

and it is only when our hearts are continually filled, then we can continuously outpour and continually give.

so the question remains, what are you filling your heart with? because that will determine what your heart will give.


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priscilla tan said...

:) this is so true...

Anonymous said...

good wise words, o musical one