Sunday, August 12, 2007

meaningless dashboard drivel

a friend told me this morning that the green of this blog didn't suit me, that the purple it was before was more me. i find that rather true, and what i also find, is that i may have been wanting to make this blog something it's not.

as mentioned in the previous post, i may have wanted to make this blog something of an 'authority' about all things new media, or public relations, or social media. while still holding on to what made the original harmless?bananas! special. but it just wasn't working out, i think i was trying too hard, and this blog actually lost abit of the spark that it had started with.

that spark was its voice. my voice.

its a bit of an unquantifiable, this voice, and what makes certain blogs more special than the others. it's not just language and grammar, it's a sort of personality that takes shape and evolves, like its almost talking to you like a real person. anyone can present information on a factual basis, but not everybody can converse, and not everybody converses like me, or like you.

this blog may never see the numbers that mr brown, or xiaxue or jeremiah owyang attract, or even be a source or point of authority about certain social issues, but i think i'm also learning to let go, and put these grandiose thoughts away, and just focus on what originally made me happy about blogging. just being able to share, the things that keep me human, and not merely a statistic.

and so.. it's been a long drawn process, working in the communications industry, the pressures of being a pro-blogger because we believe that more is better, or bigger is better, but i can't harden myself that way, i know this blog of mine ain't meant to be hardsell. and i believe you come back for more, because there is something intrinsic that we feel as if we know each other -)

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