Friday, August 10, 2007

nothing but a big giant mess

there's only a few minutes left before my brain goes into a total meltdown. what can i say in this short window of time before everything around me goes black?

i don't know if i'm particularly looking forward to the future, some people see it as bleak, and some see it as hopeful. i don't know what i want to choose, if i have to choose any. can i just make that choice when the future finally arrives, and then i'll deal with it?

but yes, apart from being utterly cryptic, i just don't really know what i can share about. but stay tuned to this channel, because i'm being very inspired by what i read on transmetropolitan, and i wonder just how much typing like this will survive. whether a part of me will always stay relevant to you?


John Franglen said...

Thanks for the link, glad you like it and I'm glad it's got people talking about these sorts of things.

I'm still working on trying to come up with a second one of these, but I'm not sure what text to use for it - it needs to be something with sufficient impact

litford said...

john franglen : no, thank you for making such great text appear a bit more alive. -)

im up to issue #26, but i'm sure there's tonnes of good stuff in there. if anything, i'd love to see the quote that roscharch uses in Alan Moore's Watchmen