Friday, January 20, 2006

i'll sit and watch the world go by
guess what, i'm still at work. oh the makings of a rockstar, brought back to earth on a plane of dogs eating dogs. i'd stand above it if i didnt feel the incessant need to sniff someone elses butt. and yes, it's always the most inconspicuous people, those that don't have anything else to do but watch, that bear the omnious gaze of observation. take their word for it, because you've been digging a ditch, and its the only thing you know how to do. oh, how there is a glorious path toward the future, how there is a light of destruction that would make it all anew. and maybe i'm just rambling, but tomorrow we will take the stage and tear it apart. and even so, that's not going to curb our ravenous desire to drink your blood and spit it back out. turn around young ones, turn around and be strong.

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