Saturday, January 14, 2006

your breath on my skin
i had the strangest dream last night. i dreamt that leeson were playing a gig in the garden of some old colonial-looking house. i realised i didn't have a guitar strap, so i asked wayne coyne of the flaming lips who was sitting amongst the audience if i could borrow his. he revealed from his jacket a whole stack of white guitar straps that looked more like velcro strips, but i took one anyway. and the strangest thing, was that instead of playing bass, i was playing guitar.. with a piece of velcro as a guitar strap, and for effects i had a delay pedal as well as some unrecognisable multi-fx unit. the first song we played was "the fast" and i had no idea how to play it, so i just made stuff up. gt shot me dirty looks but i didn't care.. the gig went horrible, and then i woke up.

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