Tuesday, January 10, 2006

painting a picture black when it's not
and so for once in a long while, i come home at one in the morning and my whole family is up watching a movie on the television. before i take a shower, i open a letter that contains my sporean driving licence! but that does not mean i have a car here.. kinda puts things into perspective. right now, i'm really finding solace in the gripping chasm of benton falls, the way it ties you down, and screams in your ears that our lives are spinning out of control, and what are you going to do about it? it stares at you from top to bottem and starts to make you feel uneasy, so much so that it forces you to retch your guts out. and the only way you have some semblance of peace is when you close your eyes and the twin assault of the guitars stab pins into your heart and you feel it squeeze one last time as your eyes roll into their whites. you pass away, only saying the name that comes to your lips. and then all is calm at last.

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