Monday, January 16, 2006

nary an avacado or shrimp roe
after lunch with cell friends, band practice and dinner with jo and nic, it is nice to know that we're not so alone afterall.

"Options" Pedro The Lion

We were walking, holding hands
With our bare feet in the sand
And the seagulls overhead
When I borke the spell and said

"I could never divorce you
Without a good reason
And though I may never have to
It's good to have options"

But for now, I need you
But for now, I need you
But for now, I need you

But it was only in my head
Because no one ever says
What they really mean to say
When there's so much at stake

So I told her I loved her
And she told me she loved me
And I mostly believed her
And she mostly believed me

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