Sunday, January 29, 2006

perspective sorely lacking
i apologise for the lack of pictures on this blog during this summer season because my internet connection is just sorely lacking and i just can't be bothered to upload any snaps up to my flickr account. another reason is that i don't particularly feel like i'm in a snappy mood. i'm in a snappy mood in that i feel like i'm snapping at people more often, but not in a trigger happy mood. i'm in a trigger happy mood in that i wan't to shoot people with bullets but not in a photo-taking sort of way.

there's something weighing heavily over me now, i don't particularly know what it is, and i quite prefer it this way. in the past, i'd pinpoint specifically what i think was bothering me and i could get over it, now.. please allow me an indulgence, a moment of weakness. it's a pleasant feeling to rest in this moment of respite. that i'm no longer strong, i just want to revel in this crappy feeling where the world owes me something, like huge giant favour, and that they should apologise for all the wrongs that are in my life. let me whine like a bratty kid and use friends as emotional punching bags. let me be shallow for once and remember of how human i really am.

and still, i wonder if certain things in my heart are being taken out, to make room for something new.. it seems uncertain.

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