Friday, February 24, 2006

harajuku damsels in distress
ok, you might not find this a surprise, but apparently i do have a working internet. except that i can't browse on firefox, so i'm stuck with IE for now. probably has something to do with my uni's ISP settings.. bleh. i don't even wanna know.

anyhow, what this means is that you can start popping by here again and reading about my misadventures. which don't happen alot, but they are going to. tomorrow i go cover a sandboarding event courtesy of making a video for my church's university ministry. i've just come back to perth, and already i'm tasked to do a wide variety of death-defying work. or so i like to imagine. really welcoming the challenge, but i hope to find rest in the Lord as well. rather important for those of us that like to save the world without any tangible talent. -)

missing all in spore, love you loads.

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