Wednesday, February 15, 2006

those not so famous words
as the clock slowly ticks away, the minutes fall off and the hour draws nearer and nearer. i'm going to be leaving again. i'm just glad and grateful for everything that has transpired, i'm surrendered that i'm not leaving spore gasping for more, that everything is rounded off nicely, and the excitment of a new journey seems to be waiting in the horizon. final year in perth, indie boy power up!

this is what i wanna say to some of you, i wish it could have been all.

napkin man : bro, you've been a great friend to me all this while, and i'm really glad we can actually call each other god-brothers as well. thanks for being there for me, i wish i could be there physically for you as well, but know this, i will be praying for you every step of the way and one day all who pang-seh will be reunited.

thomas : though we've only hung out a couple of times, especially for the sake of jamming, i'm glad for all the fun we've had, the insights, and for a change, a chance to listen to you as well. -) it really has been my distinct honour, and that we can call each other brothers as well. (like black people do)

mark : dude, you've been more than a drummer to me. i thank God that you're in the band, and also in the same cell and that we can share the good times, the mad times and all times. i've learnt much from you, but i won't hesitate to call you a brokeback! haha, keep the faith alive.

adrian : dude, thank you so much for the times of cell and more. the wisdom God gives you is astounding and insightful, and i pray that he will also continue to guide you and lead you as you finish your final year, in your work, and also the craft and ministry that he has given you.

debz : thanks for all the hanging out, coming for so many of our gigs, taping the show down and just being a bundle of joy to be around! so many things have happened in two months as well, you moving out and with the thesis and all! all the best for that!

sue : thank you so much for the card and gifts! it really spoke much to me! thanks for the plenty of good times, laughs and genuinity! i pray that God continue to use you to speak into the lives of your family and friends! may you find the true joy that is in Him!

Clement : thank you for the books, and for having a coupla beers with us! o pray that you will see God move and work in your life regardless of the decisions you make.

electric cowboy : i'm not trying to be a brokeback, but really, i've learnt so much just by hanging around you, and i'm glad to be a friend of yours! thanks for the encouragement and of course, all the inane jokes that only we seem to laugh at!

jeannie : though we've only met a coupla times, i will not forget just how far back our friendship goes as well! i'm glad you've grown up and all, and really, talking to you is always one of the easiest things to do, because you always seem to ask the right questions. be well jeannie baby!

buffet-filter : we could have hung out more and all, but i realise we all have many of our own lives. but i do see that you're being faithful to the one and true God, and that he is well pleased with you. Angie, continue to shine for Him. Kai, take care of my bass, but more importantly develop the talent He's given you. Jeanette, talk more!! haha, and play more bass.. Joseph, study hard and you don't have to dress punk to be punk, Germ, hope that army does you more good than harm -) Meimei, be well in Adelaide and learn lots! don't go breaking young korean boys' hearts! Ian, keep it really in Canada, study hard and keep the music alive! Hua Huiiiiii, all the best in the states, i hope you find what you're looking for and Daniel, thank you for your wisdom, cheekiness and selfleeness! hold on to the good Lord!

and almost everyone else! my colleagues, the local scene, the friend of friends, the SMU goons!! it really has been a wonderful holiday, i've had such a blessed time, and yes, i'll see you all on the other side!

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