Tuesday, February 14, 2006

therin lies the problem
empirejess brought up a very important point. this will be the first post i've ever done on valentine's day since the inception of this blog. it's rather interesting though, considering it was never meant to be a concious thing, but maybe somehow for some reason, ive always been busy on that day because for some strange reason, i do find something to do other than go out on some form of a re-hashed date. i ushered in this strange day by catching up and chatting with a friend and i think it's great. that therin lies a friendship even amidst all the other things swirling around us. i'm thankful, and grateful to the Lord for blessing everything thus far, despite the ups and downs, you have been the constant. and isn't it great when being friends was about openess and honesty and genuine care for one another? 'lest we forget.

this year i break the tradition, i don't think it particularly means much, but it doesn't hurt to indulge a quirk like this right? hahaha, who knows? who knew? *grin*

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