Wednesday, February 8, 2006

i've just been listening to music and talking to people over msn ever since i got back more than an hour ago. it's 2:42 in the morning now, though the post won't register as that, but trust me, it is. its great, finding the time out of the busy day to do this. how long more do i have till i go back to perth. man.. everytime i come back, there are still so many things i wanna do, but i can't because i always seem to have to return to perth. and when things get built up in perth, i can't hold on to them because i might come back to spore. it's a great experience, but the transient feeling is more prevalent than ever.

anyhow, i love to fill my ears with music at this time now, because.. i havent had the chance to.. and now.. it's mine, all MINE!

in other news, we had a great set last night. was great fun, many friends came by, and we even got interviewed and covered by straits times interactive. so if you happen to have access to that website (because you need to pay), then do have a look at the article and all.. there might even be some videos! i can't be shure..

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