Wednesday, February 15, 2006

lost it and then i found it
it wasn't too long ago that i grew my hair out in perth, and also maintained a trim and healthy waistline. today, i've pudgified and my hair isn't so unkempt anymore. i'm leaving spore again to finish up my final year in the place i've called home for the past two years. pretty soon, the transient feelings are going to end, and another phase of life will come my way. what doors open in the distance? some doors have already closed for me, i don't really know what to expect, but i expect nonetheless. writing in this blog the past few years, i'm glad to say.. in the grand scheme of things portrays a growth of sorts. grateful, thankful and hopelessly indebted to the one who has seen me thru it all. my prayer is that you too will find out the great and wonderful plan that He has for you in your life.

a couple of things, i'm quitting my band in perth, i look forward to the new freedom and focus, really thankful for the awesome time that leeson had while we were all here, squeezing four gigs within two weeks is a pretty successful run i'd say. we wrote three new songs and made a few new fans i hope. -) a more technical and creative semester is what i hope for, to use these talents that God gave me for his work and his purpose. much to look forward to, much we don't know but sit patiently to find out. many new things to discover!!! i never thought i'd say it again, but you learn something new everyday.

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