Saturday, February 25, 2006

sounds like a good thing from the likes of it
ok, i just got back from a bout of sand-boarding in a place called Lancelin, about an hour and a half away from perth city. all i can say is that i'm absolutely knackered because sand was blasting in my face, we had to climb sand dunes for 5 mins to go down in 30 seconds. it was rather fun, but it's also hard work. plus i had to video under those conditions. i'm not griping, just somewhat descriptive.

hmmmmm.. recently, well, maybe for the past week, i guess i haven't really been seeking the Lord in various matters. 'specially my academic and ministry areas. i suppose it's just the pace of doing things all over again, that the spiritual beurocracy of "seeking God" seems mild off-putting. i don't know if that's an accurate symptom, but.. it's rather dangerous when you're just doing things for the sake of doing things. i'd rather not of course, and i can sense a certain beacon of guidence lacking, but sometimes to our flesh-like bodies, the ways of God aren't always appealing. and yes, it does make me seem like a petulant brat not getting his way, but that's exactly how it is.

i wonder what the repercussions of surrendering that bit of inadequecy has on the spiritual being. experience always proves that God will sustain you and that his grace is sufficient, but i think it's a very human condition to want to go ahead and do things our way by simply not being obedient and disciplined in regards to spiritual growth.

very easy to do the church for the sake of doing things they've always been done, but let's not lose sight of the reason and purpose of why we want to please our Lord and saviour. and when the day grows weary, it's always good to find rest and comfort in him. "come to me all who are weary, and i will give you rest." i should let it ring true inside, but i feel as if i've lived lifetimes and am still at the begining. yes yes, tired tired, down but not out. -)

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