Saturday, February 11, 2006

reaching outwards for that familiar sigh once again
working the past two months has made me consider more seriously the choices i have to make within this year. the units that will best benefit me in terms of either technical skill or writing skills, or why can't i just do both?!? haha.. and then it also begs the question of the coming career path, or rather lack of it. i think the future will be somewhat uncertain, fairly fluid without any real career prospects because that's not how i think the industry is. should i sell out first and then cash in my checks for the creative field, or be creative first, and then cash in my creative chips? somehow, i think that's more me.. my good young years being creative. well man.. this is all really quite intoxicating. thinking about the future is really not quite my style.. worrying about the coming semester with overloads and possibly unfinished assignments scares the bejeezus out of me. i hope i make it, i really really do. oh will the heavens open up and make a way for me?

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