Wednesday, January 10, 2007

binary codes play tricks on replicating souls
"taste as a replay device that permits us to recall memories of our past."
- togusa, ghost in the shell

so what does brian do just before he blogs? well, usually he just stares blankly at the screen wondering what went through the day and sieves through events of interest, but usually he can't be bothered to go through the details.

then, he may look at some online material and see if it jogs a response from him, but then.. nothing really begs responding, possibly due to the fact that his brain is starting to shut down. so yeah, you might have caught him at the wrong time.

then, he muses as to the italised text above.. usually somewhat philosophical and wanky at the same time. being cryptic helps in creating meaning from.. and then he might say something like how poetic it is to actually taste one's past. and that taste is one of the experiences that the current media cannot replicate but merely suggest thru visual or oral means, or stimulate the taste glands to recall.. the warmth of one's skin, the smell of someone's hair..

then he might share abit of what's happening in the realm of music. that he's basically listening to jamie michael in preperation for a gig on the second of february. gear news would entail that he might procure a line6 filter modeller because it's cheaper than the EHX bass synth, and might be more versatile in switching with the guitar as well. he also bought a pedalcase to house his bass pedals, and cannot wait to use the more streamlined model.

apart from that, tomorrow beckons and he should go to sleep soon.

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