Friday, January 19, 2007

if not for this, then for that
hello everyone. i'm shutting this blog down.


sorry, that was a Borat joke, but i suppose you already knew that. and i don't really think it works in terms of text reading. but that should be the least of your concerns.

i have concerns, concerns that some may find unfounded, but whichever way one looks at it, they are the things that plague my mind at times. and the thing about concerns, is that i don't know if one set of concerns for one person can ever be more important for the other. for example, do you honestly care about the starving people in africa? would it be better if the media did not report such happenings, and we would just live in our own little bubble. either way, no matter how much concern we have for such people, we are here and they are there. we have rising cost of living, bills to pay, mouths to feed, future prospects to worry about. each geographical location comes with its own set of problems.

but now i appear to be rambling, and indeed i am. because i don't particularly know today what it means to blog. you might say i'm a tad unfoucused in my typing of late, and i suppose i am. i don't do anything special nowadays, i work my part time job in a guitar shop, settle delivery orders and talk to customers and feel bad when they play better guitar than me.

it doesn't make me feel special. and the real question is, are we?

i think we are. fearfully and wonderfully created. it's a gentle reminder for some, but each day as i try to make sense of my life ever since coming back to singapore, trying to carve myself a place in society, find a job, find a career, a special someone, a scene to give back to, a community to be a part of, a social circle to ease into, i find that it all comes to naught if it isn't being lived for the glory of God. it may be fun to not include God in certain things in your life, but that's only on a very surface level. if you scratch the surface, what do you find underneath all your material possessions, your family, your friends, even your good heart and how nice a guy you are.

what do you really find when you cast your crowns, take off your clothes and are merely a man? well, when God did that, Jesus came as man, but he was God within. and so i urge you, do you find God within you? or do you find absolutely nothing?

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