Thursday, January 18, 2007

it's not over yet
i get in and out of the shower, but somehow the day doesn't feel over yet, and so the shower seems somewhat premature. showers are like little bookmarks in your scheduled day, where you sort of put down your book and take a breather. and that's how i usually like to end my day.

so in my compartmentalised life, i put down everything after the shower, and come online and see what i can fill the blank space with.

when does the day end for you? i only started writing this sentence after a 45 minute gap from the previous paragraph. some people worry about bills and the future, i guess i worry about when i'll run out of things to say on this blog. that just kind of shows the the sheer upside-downess of my priority list.

but i am rather concerned as to what kind of work i will be doing in the hopefully very near future. i sort of feel like hanging my production gloves up and concentrating on media management and creative endeavours. i mean, i reckon i'm good at production, but i'm not the best, and in a sector of that sorta work, i think you have to be the best if not you just end up being mediocre for the rest of your life. and there's also the thing about.. when work takes over your inspiration, your inspiration becomes work, and sometimes.. just sometimes i think it loses its edge.

perhaps i'd like to be involved in music, like work in a record label or something, of course visuals and music would be the best and i wonder if MTV is the best option apart from it being so commercial.

and so.. i leave you with all the tentative goodness that is my life. i guess everything is doomed to implode upon itself if it isn't founded on God's word. and even if by some of my own effort i make something good of this life, good job, wife, career and craft.. what good is it for a man to gain and world and yet forfeit his soul?

bless us with the secrets to the answers, and the faith to believe.

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