Tuesday, January 23, 2007

oh. my. gosh.

in light of the australian high commission not being overtly enthusiastic about entertaining my appeal for a tourist visa just so i can collect my personal artifacts, or even pay off any outstanding bills (theoretically speaking of course), it has basically left me somewhat downtrodden and short-changed that my integrity and courtesy in such matters cannot be exchanged for even a fibre of sympathy.

i think i cheer myself up by watching the latest transformers trailer, and if this doesn't make you go "fooooooooooooooooo... if i don't watch that, i might as well eat fifty pieces of pig liver dipped in absinthe!" of course some of you might actually find that rather enjoyable, and the lesser of two evils. but i stand by my original claim, transformers the motion picture might turn out to be a lump of turd, but WHO CARES?? it's still the frickin' transformers at the end of the long drawn out day. and i do wish one of them would decimate the australian embassy conveniently located at no.25 napier road. and no, i don't think the sercurity guards will have much to say about trespassing on sovereign australian soil (in singapore no less).

needless to say, i am peeved. i contemplate writing a commentary into the straits times once this thing sorts itself out. if it ever sorts itself out. dammit, belonging to a country never felt more real. us and them or us or them?


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