Saturday, January 6, 2007

will i get in trouble for adbusting?

i've been meaning to do this ever since i saw the giant-sized poster in the city-link mall. i don't know if it's been done before. maybe not. for starters, i hope there are no copyright infringements because i think even a neutered monkey could trace this back to my IP address or whatever tech-speak tracing terms they use to scare the rest of us with. either way, i don't know that much tech and so i am quite afraid. but i'm doing this anyway in the name of culture (what?)

well, let's put whatever prejudices we may or may not have against nike aside and just see this more in the sense of, "why are some people allowed to scream in our faces telling us what to buy, do, think, act, subtract.. in a public space, and we aren't particularly allowed to?" unless you count that they bought that public space and now its private. so as a disclaimer, i don't mean the art department that came up with this concept any malice. and i don't think that the individual words of "just, do, it" should belong to Nike, it's not even a new wor.d.

so yeah, look around you, think about the messages people keep trying to tell you (like what i'm doing.. how insidious), and maybe you might have something to say back. heck, i've gotta comment box for that reason.. i like conversation.

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