Sunday, January 28, 2007

fortold shams shaping our world today
hmmmmm.. i don't know how many of you come here looking for wise words, but suffice to say, it probably doesn't happen everyday.

i haven't exactly done anything productive when i guess i really should have been. if you count freeing up space on my C:\ productive, well, then maybe i have. and i feel rather good about it. maybe i'll defragment it over the night. yes, that is what i shall do.

things to look out for this week are playing the gig on friday, and well, whatever happens in between. i hope something pleasant happens, i've been having too much heartache with the whole immigration fiasco.

i don't know if i'm losing a zest for life. it's funny, that when you're in singapore, you have so many things around you, but still you remain rather unsatisfied. there are many plans, just not enough moments to live in.

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