Thursday, January 4, 2007

frame upon frame

maybe i'll be over you. but chances are, i'll be all over you. hmmmmm. remind me to not say that on a first date. i wonder what dates are like, do you just pretend you might be mildly interested in her, or pretend to what you think she might mildly like about you? i don't know, heaven knows i haven't asked a girl out in ages. why am i bringing this up? well.. i guess i'm not getting any younger, and somehow i sense the next chapter in this book i'm writing is to be serious about my job, my contributions to king and country, my family (how they drive me nuts and vice versa), and also my health, music and tech fantasies. i could compartmentalise everything, but then i wouldn't particularly be walking the wire.

plus it's funny how just less than a month ago i was walking by faith and believing that God would help me through all my battles, and right now.. once everything's rather stable, rather comfortable, i actually have grandoise plans on how to run my own life. careless humour, i think it's time to start trusting in God once again.

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