Sunday, January 21, 2007

in a flash
if you follow this blog as obsessively as a sociopathic serial killer, then you might have noticed that i managed to revive the entire omnibus of blog entries since its inception on the 31st of january 2003. some might call me a genius for figuring out a way to circumvent getting a new blog and start anew, but i managed to do a bit of java-script hunting and found myself tweaking this constantly breaking down machine, and i guess it just gives me an enormous sense of well being. so please, a genius's genius will suffice.

well, apart from me rattlling on about the exclusivity of this blog, it really doesn't mean anything. numbers dwindle as they rise, and i just type in here to let people know i'm still alive. it's like a distress beacon in space, it bleeps every now and then, hoping that someone will pick up on this last transmission for signs of life.

so in about 10 days time, this blog will be four years old. wow, four years worth of shared words, i hope it means something.. and even if it doesn't, i'm glad i do it, and i'm glad i did it. if you've made it this far, thanks for sharing your lives with me, and i guess giving me something to blog about. believe it or not, each entry probably has some significance to you because sharing lives is the inspiration behind almost every one of these entries.

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