Friday, January 12, 2007

hello one and all, it has been a rather long pause hasn't it? well, as with all things in the living realm, breathing or some form of resperation is in order. maybe this is it, maybe each post that i churn out is a sort of breath, a response, something to let out so that something may come in, a transaction, and so our machine trundles on.. seemingly into a black abyss, or perhaps into glorious light.

i've upgraded my blog under the reccomendation of blogger nothing has really changed, but you may have noticed that the archives are no longer there. in fact i don't know where they are. i thought this might happen, i'm guessing the javascript on my original template just isn't up to date with the new blogger interface. i may or may not sort that out. i thought i would be fretted about losing my memories, but i remember (how ironic) that i start this blog to be spontaneous, not to chronicle things.. whether good or bad. so then i didn't feel bad anymore.. for all my glorious explosive posts in the past, all we really have is now. and yesterday is just a ghost.

or the ghost of tomorrow.

a bad thing happened to me today. i almost got into a head on collision. i feel bad, and even worse because a good deal of the fault can be attributed to me. i'm seriously doubting my driving ability, and no.. i don't know wanna go in a car crash. i have grander ways of ending my life, namely fireballs and infernos along the ECP.

i also just started work at ebenex music to give me a little something to do during my holiday time. i'm still free after 7pm, so lets make all our plans then.

and that just about wraps it up for this post. i really feel like moving on to a new domain.

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