Thursday, February 15, 2007

holding on to a pitiful existance

this tranquil night scene is really just a well lit food mall.

i've been missing in action because i've just been having some pretty full on days showing Jeremy around singapore. or what i assume he'd like to see around singapore. also, it's good to be doing something else rather than work for ebenex music, because well, it just took up so much of my time and i could barely meet up with my friends.

for today, i basically watched Kill Bill 2, Heroes episode 15 and read more of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, while playing some online flash games. For dinner, i had the pleasure of being invited to Ivan's gathering where it was seafood galore at an eatery in Clementi West Street 2, thereafter we adjourned to Hagen Däzz in Holland Village for dessert. All in all, a rather well spent holiday after the job quitting and sending Jeremy off. is it finally time for some private space? lookin' forward to it.

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